Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Need a little help finding the perfect gift for every equestrian in your life? Here are our top gift recommendations for 2020.

For tweens, teens, and young adults: 

The TKEQ shirts have been wildly popular among tweens, teens, and young adults. These shirts are form fitting, lightweight and stretchy. They're great for riding, running, and other athletic activities. Below are the Kennedy and Essential shirts, available in several colors as well as short sleeve. 


The TKEQ packable down vests are another great item for teens and tweens. They are on the shorter side, so they're great for petite frames and growing kids. Plus, they fit into a small sack and can be easily stowed in a backpack.

Another favorite of ours is the Le Fash Paulo Alto short sleeve show shirts. With a large variety of sleeve colors, these shirts give a great pop of color, while still being appropriate for hunters and equitation. Form fitting, and with sizes down to XXS, these are a great option for tweens just moving out of youth sizing. Also available in long sleeves.

Equiline Ash breeches are a great gift for this age range. The slim leg fit is perfect for a lot of teens, and Equiline's signature black triangle on the leg is the epitome of cool in the show ring. 

For "barn moms" and mature riders:

We absolutely love Arista's offering for the 40+ crowd. Tasteful, unique sunshirts are great for bringing sophistication to the barn. 

We also love Arista's bit detail vests. These vests are flattering and perfect for a day at the horse show, the office, or a dinner party. Arista has great offerings for both riders and non-riders.

Tailored Sportsman's new boot sock breeches are fabulous for all riders, but the mid rise style is especially popular with more mature riders. Try the new boot sock bottoms for a smooth fit under boots, offered in both front zip and side zip in a wide variety of colors. 

For your trainer:

We love the Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider. This unique jacket gives full body rain protection. It has an award winning design, with an interior skirt that zips out over the saddle in the front, and a full length zipper in the back allowing for complete freedom of movement while riding and staying dry. We have several styles in this coat.

We also find that trainers always need good basics. A perennial favorite, we have a large selection of colors in Tailored Sportsman sunshirts in long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless.

We love this full zip sweater from Asmar Equestrian for trainers. It is a great neutral layer to keep handy for unexpected chilly days, and easy to take off while riding. The contrasting stripes add interest and make it a stylish enough piece for a night out.


For everyone:

We love the Maelort backpacks. They all feature a front helmet pouch that discreetly packs away when not in use. These stylish bags are perfect for an overnight or carry-on as well as a ring backpack. Bonus: no guesswork needed on size


Gift cards: this is  always a great option for your picky loved ones!