The Breeches Guide

The Breeches Guide

Looking for new breeches but not sure where to begin? Read our breeches guide for a breakdown of each brand.

Tailored Sportsman

Tailored Sportsman’s are the quintessential American equestrian breeches--with classic styling suitable for any ring. They come in a variety of styles that fit almost everyone. They come in two leg closures: velcro bottom ($195), or boot sock bottom ($225). The velcro bottom breeches run a bit shorter, and are able to be adjusted on the bottom, making them a good option for people with particularly large or narrow calves. Made of 73% cotton, 20% polyamide, 7% lycra, they have a classic cottony hand feel that’s not slippery in the saddle but still has plenty of stretch. They also have traditional clarino knee patches, offered with tan patches in every color and matching patches in select colors. Offered in a wide variety of colors, these breeches are a great choice for riders who like to step out of the black/navy box when it comes to riding apparel. Between the fit options--long, short, low rise, mid rise, front zip, side zip, boot sock bottom, velcro bottom, Tailored Sportsman truly has something for everyone. A tip for buying girls Tailored Sportsman breeches--the girls breeches run shorter, and slimmer in the legs and hips than ladies’ breeches, but the waist is the same between a girls 14 and ladies 24, etc. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Tailored Sportsman breeches are made to order in NYC, and we can special order any current color in any size and style.


This Italian brand has become a cult favorite among top hunter/jumper riders. With their iconic “black triangle” logo on the leg, these breeches can be spotted across the show grounds. They are cut quite long and slim in the legs, making them a great option for showcasing a slim physique. They’re also great for any riders who need a larger size in the waist but are smaller in the legs. They come in a variety of styles, but for the most part they have a similar fit. The X shape ($399) are a true mid rise, while the other styles are more of a low-to-mid rise. The Ash is the most popular style with zipper back pockets. The Ash ($379) and X shape are the same Schoeller fabric, which has a lightweight, cottony feel, while the new BrendaK ($365) style is made of b-move fabric, which is a very stretchy technical fabric that feels great on. Keep an eye out for seasonal breeches--these small collections are limited run colors and styles that sell out quickly!



X Shape


Another one of our favorites, Animo is 100% made in Italy with great attention to detail. We love their new high rise styles. The Ninter ($369) is a more structured fabric, but we love how it “holds you in.” It’s a classic, streamlined style with Euro seat and no back pockets. They also have a new cut, the Nico ($369), which is a super lightweight fabric that’s great for riding in the heat. The Nico is also a high rise style, and the stretch is great for curvy riders that need more room in the legs or rear. With soft sock bottoms, the length of these breeches works for most riders. Both of these styles of Animo are the highest rise breeches we offer. We also find that Animo breeches have the best grip system.





The Samshield breeches are a nice, lightweight fabric that have a legging-like feel. The Clotilde ($375) and Adele ($399) styles have a ruched back that’s very flattering on the booty. The fit is mid rise, fitting higher than Equiline breeches, and just lower than the Tailored Sportsman mid rise. With soft sock bottoms, they are similar in length to Animo breeches, and work for most riders. While we love the fabric of the Samshield breeches, the silicone knee grip is not very strong--something to keep in mind if that's important to you. The Adele breeches offer sparkle details on the leg and back pockets, making them a fun option. 




RJ Classics

The RJ classic Harper breeches are a newer offering that has quickly become a favorite for many riders. They are a mid-rise fit, similar to Tailored Sportsman’s. They are a lighter, stretchier fabric that still has some structure. They feature silicone grip knee patches and flattering front pockets. The Harpers have a power mesh sock bottom, which is great for larger calves. They run on the shorter side, but are offered in long length. We love these breeches as having a high-end look and feel for a great price ($199).